Monday, October 10, 2011

#24 - See a Rock-Opera

My cousin Sarah has been playing drums in a metal band called "Lourds" fronted by the very talented Lourds Lane - lead vocals/violin - for a few years. Recently (2010ish) Lourds wrote an autobiographical(ish) rock opera featuring five badass female comic book characters that jump off the pages of their creator's book to help her put her life back together. It's called "Chix 6," and it rules face.

The 3 hour show features a mix of ballads and anthems that alternately rock, entertain, and move the involved audience. The vocal talent of each female character, including the spectacular lead, Carrie Manolokas "Katie" blend with the high-flying fight scenes featuring heroine "Lightning Girl," and nothing is off limits. In this fourth-wall breaking romp heroines like "Mama-Mazing" and "Seven" drag male audience members into the party. To top it off, the songs are backed by an all-star 4-piece band featuring who's who in female rock like Jennifer Arroyo (The Kitties), Queen V, and of course, Sarah Vasil. w00t w00t.

The show is at the Queens Theatre in the Park and runs until the end of October. I saw it, and while I'm a bit biased (I love comics and I'm related to the band) Chix 6 has made me a rock opera addict. Moving back to NY can be daunting, but seeing Chix 6 reminds me why I came back.

Go see it before it makes it's way to Broadway and costs a bajillion dollars. You'll leave AMPED.

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